iVol Trading is the culmination and extension of many years of options trading and research.  Our team has been trading the VIX futures and options since 2006 and wrote one of the very first articles about the VIX options. We have some of the foremost options educators in the business, having educated thousands of traders and investors over the last 15+ years. We have experience as traders and consultants for hedge funds, including for a top tier volatility fund. We have worked for the biggest online brokers (very likely including yours). We have worked with the those TV “pros” and “gurus” and we know how much they (don’t) know. Our options and volatility analysis can be found on CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and internationally.

The vast majority of your option education is coming from one of two places – 1) Those that work for brokerages and companies that don’t really know anything about option trading. 2) Former floor traders whose skills don’t work off the floor. They do know a lot, but their profits are coming from selling, not trading. You need a better source and we here at iVol Trading are here to help.