iVol Trading

iVol Trading provides coaching and trading education. We have also partnered with NeuroCrux. While most traders search for success in strategies, timing, or new products (XIV anyone?), the real key – the crux – is actually in your head. Your neurology profile dictates how you interact with the world and how you will best succeed in trading. NeuroCrux provides assessments and from those gives you an individualized profile of what markets you are best suited for, what timeframes, what strategies and how to support and supplement for optimal performance.

The Power of iVol

iVol stands for implied volatility. And if you are trading options, you are trading implied volatility, whether you know it or not. Hedge funds make the vast majority of their money selling volatility. It is the key to their consistent profits and while they call it “alpha” it really isn’t. Long volatility, on the other hand, is the BEST hedge if you have long equity exposure or if you want to profit from falling stock prices.

Volatility, in other words, and especially implied volatility, is the key to real profits in the stock market. If you want to make money in rising, falling, or even sideways markets, you need to harness the power of iVol.